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A Commitment to Helping Clients Pursue Financial Confidence

Since 1987, the professionals at Rhodes & Associates have been providing financial planning and investment services to business owners, executives, individuals, and families. Based in Macomb Township, Michigan, our team of professionals serves clients across the country, providing investment counseling and retirement income planning services.

Gary A. Rhodes, CFP® founded the firm with the goal of educating clients on the complex and ever-changing world of investments and retirement planning. Passionate about helping clients, his enthusiasm and energy is welcoming and reassuring. He seeks to serve his clients as a trusted business partner who can help clients understand their available opportunities and feel confident in their financial future.

At Rhodes & Associates, we understand how confusing and overwhelming financial planning can be. Retirement has vastly changed over the years, particularly since the most recent recession. Your grandparents and parents likely relied on pensions, private savings, and Social Security to build a stable income for retirement. Today, there is an increasing burden on individuals and families to ensure their assets last through their retirement. These changes demand a new way of planning.

As retirement has transformed, so have investments, alternative investments, annuities, and insurance products. While years ago, policies and investment options were more confining, today many can serve as a solution for a guaranteed lifetime income*, helping an individual preserve their wealth and reduce risk. We frequently offer a combination of services, rather than rely on a single solution. This may allow clients to take advantage of the wealth accumulation phase for as long as possible before retiring and withdrawing from all of their assets.

We understand the complications of retirement and income planning. If you are preparing for retirement or you haven’t evaluated your portfolio within the past two years, contact us today. Our goal is to help you avoid the common pitfalls people often make and develop solutions that address your unique needs.

*Income guarantees are contingent on the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.