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Creating a Guaranteed Income Stream

Perhaps the biggest goal of a retirement plan is to ensure you have enough assets to last throughout retirement. Rather than taking risks with investments, sometimes a person's focus may be on wealth preservation and distribution.

One of the advantages of an annuity is that you can save a large amount of money and defer paying income taxes. Each year, the money you invest compounds tax-deferred. You can set up guaranteed payments* for the rest of your life to complement other retirement income sources, like Social Security. Any unused assets will automatically be transferred to your chosen beneficiary upon your death. This may help you feel confident in your (and your spouse’s) financial future and allow you to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement.

What Are Some of the Types of Annuities?

At Rhodes & Associates, we typically offer fixed, variable, or equity-indexed annuities. A fixed annuity pays a guaranteed rate of interest, which is often appealing to conservative investors. Hybrid annuities may offer further benefits. An equity-indexed annuity provides for guaranteed income* (like a fixed annuity) but you may have an opportunity for higher returns if the stock market rises. Upon your death, your spouse can receive the same, consistent income for their lifetime, regardless of the account balance.*

Today’s Annuities


Today, annuities can offer a number of new benefits of which many people aren’t aware. With an annuity, you can transfer some risk to the carrier and protect your assets while still creating a steady stream of lifetime income* for retirement. Additionally, some annuities can protect your spouse by allowing you to list your spouse as a 100% survivor. As a result, annuities can offer clients a way to preserve their wealth and reduce risk not only for themselves, but for their spouses. For many investors, especially conservative folks near or living in retirement, a guaranteed income for life* can offer financial confidence so they may focus on enjoying their retirement.

There are a myriad of options available and it can be difficult to sift through the appropriate solutions for you and your family. Contact  the professionals at Rhodes & Associates today to learn more and review your options.

*Income guarantees are contingent on the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company. The guarantees may only cover a certain percentage of the initial investment when the annuity is held to the end of the guarantee period. Withdrawals prior to the end of the guarantee period may be subject to market value adjustments; therefore you may receive less than you originally invested. Withdrawals during the first several years are subject to surrender charges and withdrawals prior to age 59 1/2 may be subject to a 10% federal tax penalty. It is possible to lose money when investing in an indexed annuity, as they are subject to market risks to the extent that any gains are based on index performance.