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Life Insurance for E-Cigarette Users

| May 15, 2017
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Life Insurance

We are really excited to announce that we have life insurance available for e-cigarette users at non-smoking prices!

If you exclusively use e-cigarettes or other smoking cessation products or alternatives*, you may qualify as a non-smoker for life insurance.

This could mean saving up to 50% on your insurance premiums. Most life insurance companies today charge e-cigarette smokers the same rates as tobacco smokers. But there are a few companies who will offer e-cigarette users non-smoking rates.

Contact us today to take advantage of these non-smoker rates, and resolve to make this your year to save money, provide financial protection for your family, and quit smoking.

*These alternatives include e-cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, nicotine patches and gums, and pipes.

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